Auomated Payment Transfer - Support Policy
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Customer Support Policy

1. Introduction

This document gives details on APT’s support practices and the level of support you can expect from APT.

It is in APT’s interest to provide an exemplary level of support to its customers and find solutions to problems customers face whether they are directly or indirectly related to our services to provide a ‘one-stop’ support desk for all Industry related queries and support requirements.

2. Definitions

Emergency Issues   Any problems preventing Customer from successfully submitting their submission to Bacs where the processing date is for the next available working day.

Knowledge Base   A website dedicated to displaying information such as policies, guides and FAQs to customers relating to APT’s products and services.

Support Services   Providing support for Customers relating to any products and services APT provides including: iConnect, Bureau Onlines Services, Validata. But excluding contingency services outlines in section 7.

3. Supported Versions

3.1.1 APT shall provide support to customers who are using the latest version of the software.

  • Customers who are subscribed to our services and use the software through the publicly accessible links found on our Website will always be using the latest version of the software.

  • The version of the software is denoted by a sequence of numbers in the top right of the user interface once logged on.

  • If Customers can’t find a version number on the software they are using, they should contact APT via one of the methods described in this document to determine whether they are covered.

4. APT Support Services

4.1.1 APT will provide Support Services to all customers on every Business Day between the hours of 0900 – 1700 (excluding bank holidays) via the following channels:

  • Phone & Voicemail

  • Email

  • Post

Details on how to reach APT using the above methods can be found on APT’s website.

4.1.2 APT will provide out of hours support to customers facing Emergency Issues with their processing if the request is received between the hours of 1700 – 2200 via the following channels:

  • Phone & Voicemail

4.1.3 APT’s support desk will be manned by competent staff providing users with technical support, advice and guidance via email or telephone.

4.1.4 APT will ask for consent before connecting or making any changes to the Customer’s system, and will try to explain in clear and non-technical terms, everything that they are doing while having access to the Customers system.

4.1.5 While having access to the Customer’s system, APT’s engineers will only access the system to the extent that they have been given consent by the Customer.

5. Customer Responsibilities

5.1.1 Before any support request is made to APT, users shall attempt to resolve their problems and identify the cause of the given problem using APT’s Knowledge Base.

5.1.2 The Customer will gather any evidence relating to the support request that may assist APT in supporting the Customer, such as error messages, screenshots and communications with third parties and provide them to APT when making a support request.

5.1.3 The Customer will ensure a system administrator is available to assist APT with changes that may need to be made on the Customer’s side.

5.1.4 In some cases it may be a requirement for APT to connect to the Customer’s systems to fulfil its support obligations. If this is not possible, APT will try and provide support via other means. If there is no other way and APT can’t proceed without remotely connecting to the customers system, APT will not be able to provide the requested support and the Customer acknowledges APT will not be liable for any further problems arising from that issue.

6. Contingency

6.1.1 For contingency purposes, If the Customer requires APT to send submissions on behalf of the Customer, the Customer must have linked their Service User Number to APT’s Bureau Number (B41022) via the Customer’s bank.

6.1.2 &APT will provide contingency for direct submitters (non-bureaux) for free for 1000 items each calendar year starting from January 1st.

6.1.3 APT reserve the right to deny it’s contingency services to Customers who request a volume of items, files or submissions deemed excessive by APT, this will be judged on a case by case basis and is dependent on whether APT has the assets and time available to process such large loads.

6.1.4 If the Customer requires APT’s contingency service, the Customer shall notify APT by 1500 on the day that the submission has to be sent to Bacs.

6.1.5 The Customer will complete all forms required by APT to provide contingency and will remain available for APT to call until the submission has been successfully sent to Bacs.

6.1.6 APT will provide a method of securely transferring the file from the Customer to APT. If the Customer cannot complete this method, APT will provide alternatives but it is the Customers responsibility to transfer the file to APT in a method that meets their security requirements.

6.1.7 APT will confirm the status of the submission and return any receipts or documents to the customer via the secure method used in 6.1.6.